Turkish Fascism Alive & Well in Texas Panhandle

(to Susan)

Capitalist Missionaries, the

Cutting edge of trade

Was Sinclair Lewis right when he said
If Fascism comes to America
It will be wrapped in a flag
And carrying a cross?

Expropriated, colonized
The Yankee Dollar buys
From Texas to Washington
Turks speak out
Against Islamic Fundamentalism

To win over
In the long run
(Free trade in space!
Other Muslims
To their side of the schism

Pawns of the invisible government, they
Begin their enterprise
Call it HumanitiesInstitute.org
Run altruistic blather to the naive
Purchase top talent
The deal is
They can now deny
cf. "tallArmeniantale.com"
Genocide, and other slaughters
Even put happy face on occupation of Greece!

Needed in NATO, in EU,
Show world
Islam can make money too!
Keep them gushers comin'

N.B. The excellent piece by Elizabeth Kolbert in THE NEW YORKER (Nov. 6th), a review of the Turkish historian Taner Akcam's new book (Akcam "one of the few Turkish historians to treat the Armenian genocide as genocide" was imprisoned in Turkey, escaped and currently lives in Minnesota) clearly offers a confirming perspective of the above poemessayblogpost. Further "www.humanitiesinstitute.org" has now hidden by removal the names of the founder-directors of this well-funded e-learning front: one, a retired Turkish diplomat in Washington, D.C., the other a Turkish-American physician operating out of Texas whose opinions form a part of the "tallArmeniantale" site and its wretched hate links. (Nov. 2, 2006)